Melbourne Guitar Lessons in Seddon between Footscray & Yarraville

Melbourne Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons in Melbourne by a qualified and experienced guitar teacher. Lessons are available for all levels from beginners to intermediate and advanced players.

Guitar lessons teach the essential skills of playing guitar and music:

  • Picking – how to use a pick correctly and efficiently
  • Chords – the basis of songs
  • Arpeggios – chords played one note at a time, e.g. the start of “Hotel California”
  • Scales – determine the notes used in melodies and in most guitar solos
  • Rhythm – how to count beats and keep time
  • Reading – learn to play sheet music, lead sheets and communicate with other musicians
  • Aural – hear chords, intervals and harmony to learn songs by ear

For intermediate and advanced students developing these skills can lead to the AMEB CPM (Contemporary Popular Music) syllabus with the option of sitting the AMEB CPM guitar exams. The AMEB CPM syllabus helps create flexible players for a range of musical styles such as rock, blues, jazz, funk etc and teaches students essential guitar techniques and music theory.

For further guitar lessons information and sample videos check out the Guitar Lessons page.

Anthony Pell has been a guitarist for over 20 years playing styles such as rock, blues and jazz. Anthony also has a Music degree. This knowledge is used to help students become better musicians through advancing their music theory knowledge. You can read more about Anthony on the About page.

Check out the range of YouTube Guitar Lesson Videos to get you started in playing the guitar correctly from the start. Topics include:

  • Holding the Guitar Pick, Strumming & Picking - Getting this right will make everything easier as you progress
  • Learning Guitar Chords & Muscle Memory - How to change bwtween chords chords quickly and smoothly
  • The CAGED Chord System - Chords on the guitar are based on these shapes that go all the way up the neck
  • Barre Chords - Tips to get started mvoing away from just open string chords
  • And more...

Melbourne guitar lessons are located in the inner western suburb of Seddon between Footscray and Yarraville located near the following suburbs:

  • Ascot Vale
  • Braybrook
  • Brooklyn
  • Flemington
  • Footscray
  • Kensington
  • Kingsville
  • Maidstone
  • Maribrynong
  • Newport
  • North Melbourne
  • Spotswood
  • Sunshine
  • Yarraville
  • West Melbourne
  • Williamstown

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Student Testimonial

"Anthony is an extremely knowledgeable and talented musician. His lessons are well prepared and consist of handouts, backing tracks & practical demonstration. They take place in a relaxed environment and cover a wide range of musical styles and theory as required."

Cameron Clark, Point Cook.

Melbourne Guitar Lessons Youtube Channel

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Melbourne Guitar Teacher Sample Videos
Sample Guitar Lesson Videos can be viewed on the Guitar Lessons page.

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For more information or to book a lesson call Anthony on 0408 058 525 or email